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a visual extract of a journey through life, capturing the intimate nature of things                

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    The pursuit of capturing the essence of subject matter, divers in itself ...

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    Finding inspiration in subjects such as helplessness in the face of authority, manifests itself throughout a distinguished career...

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    Visual excursions into nature and man, continues to feature in works that span across several mediums and techniques ...

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    Private & Corporate Investors includes the S.A. Reserve Bank, National Galleries and major International institutions ...

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    More than forty solo exhibitions since 1970 - Brussels, Trier, Oxford & several South African venues ...





André's first exhibition in 1970 resulted in being accepted by the Royal West Academy in Bristol. Several solo exhibitions followed at leading galleries, such as  Lidchi-, Neil Sacks -, Goodman - and Zuva Galleries. In the 80's the Crake Gallery, Everard Read - and Graham's Fine Art Gallery. Work in the 90's dealt with South Africa’s emergence from its authoritarian past into a democracy. These pieces were exhibited at the Linder Auditorium and at Genevieve Hasaerts -Brussels, Christophe Meissenbacher - Trier and Galerie Maeder in Munich.

Currently works can be viewed @ "The Gallery"- Riebeek Kasteel, Lovell Gallery, Woodstock, and available from Carmel Art, Cape Town.
 Graham's Fine Art Gallery  commemorated André's 70th Birthday with a special solo exhibition in 2015.

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